2020-21 School Site Council Members
Eric Brock - Administration
Contact Email

Damian Montoya - Community
Kelly Brown - Parent
Alishia Moore - Student
Mishayla Johnson - Student
Melody Andrade - Staff
Dan Ireland - Staff
Donna Walker - Staff
Melissa Walker - Staff
Cathy Harris-Herchenroeder - Staff

3 Parent/Guardian Vacancies
If you are interested in joining, please contact Dan Ireland by email

The purpose of the Palo Verde Family Engagement Team is to provide support for the school, staff and students.

Coming soon...If you would like to become a member of our fabulous PTO, please contact Donna Walker by email

Title 1 Documents
District Information

The purpose of Title I is to help all children achieve the state's academic standards. This is accomplished through supplemental programs that consist of instructional services, instructional support services, school wide reform efforts, and increased involvement of parents in their children's education. The focus of a School wide Program is Comprehensive School wide Reform to ensure all students -- especially those considered most academically at-risk -- are able to attain academic proficiency based upon state academic standards (source ADE, 2014).

Our fundamental purpose is to provide strategic support to improve practices, increase capacity, and promote a positive climate and culture.


  • Develop Positive Relationships that value diversity
  • Pursue Growth Opportunities and Celebrate Achievements
  • Clearly Collaborate and Communicate to Identify and Solve problems
  • Deliver Differentiated and Data-Driven Responses to Changing Environments
  • Provide Ethical Stewardship and Fiscal Responsibility


2020-2021 Downloads

Student Teacher Parent Compact

Every Student Succeeds Act

Think Act 212

District Title I Parent Involvement


Title I Annual Meeting

Right To Know Letter

2020-21 Family Engagement Team Members
This Year's Members Are:

Facilitator:  Contact Dan Ireland

Note Taker:  Melissa Walker 

Student:  Alishia Moore

Admin:  Eric Brock

Teacher:  Melody Andrade

Teacher:  Stephanie Miller

Donna Walker

Catherine Harris Herchenroeder

Community:  Damian Montoya

2020-21 Family Engagement Team Minutes