Support Staff

Jason Karn
Athletic Director
(520) 584-7435
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Bart Peterson
Athletic Trainer
(520) 584-7400
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Ana Kroh
Counselor (A-K)
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(520) 584-7419

Marissa Owens
Counselor (L-Z) 
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(520) 584-7631

Andrea Vazquez Mata
Social Worker
(520) 584-7518
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Food Services
Jesusita De La Rosa

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Joaquin Ledesma and Francisco Ledesma
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Support Staff
Melissa Walker
Curriculum Service Provider (CSP)
(520) 584-7442
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Tim Riley
Dean of Students
(520) 584-7409
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Megan Hughes
Instructional Data Interventionist (IDI)
(520) 584-7400
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Scott Eisenberg
Multi-Tiered System of Support Facilitator (MTSS)
Mitigation Liaison (K-12 Covid Quarantine Academic Continuation Services)
(520) 584-7430
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Jenn Maynard
Magnet Site Coordinator
(520) 584-7512
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Nurse's Office

Sara Little 
Registered Nurse 
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(520) 548-7661

Nurse's Office contact information
Phone: 520-584-7417

Fax: 520-584-7422

Office Staff
Barbara Watts
Office Manager
(520) 584-7403
Contact Barbara Watts via email

Cecilia Gauna
Registration and Attendance Technician
(520) 584-7517
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Erin Pier
Finance Manager
(520) 584-7525
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Vanessa Padilla
Administrative Secretary
(520) 584-7411
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Linda Citrin
Office Assistant
(520) 584-7402
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Veronica Verdugo
Office Assistant
(520) 584-7402
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Donna Walker
Community Liaison
(520) 584-7503
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Leticia Woods
(520) 584-7619 Transcript Request
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Security Agents
Student Support Staff
Student Supports

African American Student Services
Program Specialist
Jeffrey Sawyer

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Asian Pacific & Refugee Student Services
Language Support Specialists

Bassam Mahmood
Contact Bassam Mahmood by email

Aidan Lewis
Contact Aidan Lewis by email

Abdul Sami Ebrahimi
Contact Abdul Sami Ebrahimi by email

Dropout Prevention Specialist
Marshawn Flannigan
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In-School Intervention (ISI) Teacher
Morgan O'Donnell 
Room 120
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Language Support Specialist
Entekhab Alsaraji

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Language Support Specialist
Nasteha Ahmed

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Magnet Site Coordinator
Jenn Maynard
Room 111

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Mexican American Student Services
J.Eik Diggs
Contact J.Eik Diggs by email

Native American Student Services

Roxanne Begay-James
Contact Roxanne Begay-James by email

Native American Student Services
Student Success Specialist
Juanita Mesquita 
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Refugee Student Services

Desire Ndabibonye
Contact Desire Ndabibonye by email
David Herchenroeder
Email David Herchenroeder